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The IASC was founded on May 27, 1989 and its legal address has been at Indiana University since then. Various global, regional and topical conferences have been organized in Europe over the years. Since 2018 we started to decentralize our coordination, particularly to facilitate understanding and practice of commons on more regional and local levels.  We would like to support communication among the members as well as potential members of the association within the region/country/thematic areas, and reach out to broader external audiences.

Latest News

Calls for Papers

Call for Chapter Proposals: Book on Leadership of the Commons, extended deadline December 15, 2019

IASC member Randal J. Thompson and The International Leadership Association are inviting chapter proposals for a volume titled: Leadership of the Commons: How Collaboration is Transforming the Governance of Resources and Services Around the World.


While awaiting the Montpellier Workshop: A set of publications on land-based commons approach

IASC member François Bousquet together with other researchers and expert members from the French Agency for Development report on their findings from empirical case studies, literature review, and interviews with experts.


November 19, 2019: Workshop ‘Operationalization of the Land-Based Commons Approach’ in Montpellier (in French)

IASC member Etienne Delay and colleagues are organizing a workshop on land-based commons, particularly in the context of international development cooperation.


New Book – Governing Complexity: Analyzing and Applying Polycentricity

After years of work, a group of multiple IASC members published a book on polycentricity in Cambridge University Press.


WCW2019: Global Keynote Webinar from Europe on October 6 and other news

Long-standing IASC member Sergio Villamayor Tomás from the Autonomous University of Barcelona will talk about the IAD family of tools.


IASC Workshop ‘Advancing the SES Framework’ brings 20 scholars together in Berlin

On September 30, 2019, IASC Europe and IRI THESys of HU Berlin hosted a workshop on Elinor Ostrom’s Social-Ecological Systems (SES) Framework.


September 6-7, 2019: Workshop for PhDs and PostDocs “Die Frage nach dem Eigentum” in Oldenburg (with post-workshop summary)

An interdisciplinary workshop was held in Oldenburg to discuss some key questions related to property.


September 30, 2019: IASC Workshop “Advancing the SES-Framework – from Theory-Building to Hands-On Feedback” in Berlin (application period closed)

The Berlin workshop will be hosted by IRI THESys (Humboldt University Berlin), and co-organized by Beril Ocakli, Insa Theesfeld and Achim Schlüter.

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Regional Coordination Team


Tobias Haller

Extraordinary Professor in Social Anthropology, University of Bern, Switzerland

Tobias Haller is Extraordinary Professor in Social Anthropology at the Institute of Social Anthropology, University of Bern, Switzerland and lecturer at the ETH Zurich. He studied at the University of Zurich social anthropology, geography and sociology and made his PhD and his habilitation at the University of Zurich. After being project leader in the NCCCR North-South, he was appointed as Director of the Swiss Network for International Studies in Geneva in 2008. In 2009 he became Associate professor at the Institute of Social Anthropology in Bern until 2014 when he received an extraordinary professorship at the same institute.


Ilkhom Soliev

Senior Researcher / Lecturer at the Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Food Policy & Resource Governance, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany

Ilkhom Soliev is an institutional economist with research focus on governance of common pool resources. His work in research, education, and development has focused on the study of sustainable and equitable natural resource governance and effective institutions. He has studied and developed empirical and theoretical foundations of benefit sharing as a governance approach to managing shared water resources in Central Asia, documenting and analyzing over a century-long data. As a Senior Researcher and Lecturer at the Martin Luther University in Halle-Wittenberg, Germany, he focuses on examining societal transformations across multiple natural resource domains of water, land, forests, biodiversity, and climate, as well as in various cultural and political contexts spanning from Central Asia and the wider post-Soviet region to developed countries such as Germany, Spain, and the United States. His most recent research interest is in Rights of Nature.