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Understanding behavioral change for improved water governance: Reflecting on ongoing development interventions in India

IASC members share insights and reflections on their experiences from international development interventions in India with focus on understanding the role of behavioral change for improved water governance at scale.


Video update for the book “Balancing the Commons in Switzerland” by Haller et al.

Now an introductory video available for the new book on the development and changes in the management of commons in Switzerland.


New Symposium Issue published on Seed Commons by IASC members

IASC members at the Research Group Economy of the Commons at the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg coordinated and facilitated publication of a new Symposium Issue on Seed Commons.


New book on Commons and Resilience Grabbing by Haller et al. 2021

New book on commons has been published by IASC member Tobias Haller and colleagues: “Does Commons Grabbing Lead to Resilience Grabbing?”.


IASC Members Tobias Haller and Tine De Moor co-edit a new volume “The Commons in a Glocal World” (Update)

The volume focuses on how, in Europe, the debate on the
commons is discussed in regard to historical and
contemporary dimensions, referencing the works of Elinor
Ostrom. It explores how Europe directly and indirectly
affected and affects the commons globally.


A new book “Proleptic Leadership on the Commons: Ushering in a New Global Order” by IASC member Randal J. Thompson

IASC member Randal Joy Thompson published a new book on emerging trends at the intersection of the commons and leadership.


A new special issue on property rights theory and more articles in the current volume of IJC

Special issue on property rights theory, and much more in the current volume of the International Journal of the Commons.


Communicating research results: A science comic about the EU Water Framework Directive

Often how we communicate our research and results has an impact on whether it leads to better understanding and perhaps actual change. IASC Member Nadine Schröder shares her experience of creating a science comic.


30th anniversary of Ostrom’s Governing the Commons, Special Issue on Central Asia, & more in new volume of IJC

The trends in the last 50 years of commons research, Special Issue on Central Asia, and much more in the new volume of the International Journal of the Commons.


Article on understanding causes of conflict over common village pastures by Neudert et al.

New article by IASC members in the journal Society & Natural Resources proposes a combined analysis of property rights and conflicts with the examples from two distinct policy-institutional and cultural-political contexts yet with a shared post-socialist transition background.

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