IASC Europe coordinator sums up successful year and looks ahead to 2020!


Dear European IASC members,

We are the second largest group within the IASC, and we had a very successful year in 2019 generating many new initiatives.

Some of those grew out of our Membership Meeting in Peru.

We held workshops on “Social-Ecological-Systems” in Berlin, on “The question of ownership” in Oldenburg (Germany), on “Land-based commons approach” in Montpellier (France), on “Commons and collective action in landscapes” in Ljubljana (Slovenia), and on “Historical forms of sustainability” in Bern (Switzerland).

Besides, many publications, including a few milestone books, as well as several calls for papers, and news about jobs were regularly posted on our newly-launched European Chapter’s website.

We are glad to remind, as a member, it is easy to send your announcements to us so that we spread the news about your ongoing work in the commons community and beyond.

We do have a wonderful new membership directory. So, please log in and check if all of the keywords related to your expertise and your affiliations are correct, maybe add a picture, so that other members can easily find you.

At this point, we would also like to extend our warmest welcome to many engaged and inspiring members who just joined the IASC!

What do you want to do in 2020? Let us know your thoughts so that we can find ways to support you!


Many thanks go to my very motivating and committed team members in Europe: Ilkhom Soliev (Communications Officer for IASC Europe) and Beril Ocaklı (IASC Early Career Scholars Coordinator). We all just like working together!

We look forward to collaborating with you on more initiatives from and for members in 2020!

Insa Theesfeld


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