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Calls for Papers

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Calls for Papers

Call for contributions: For Commons in Space Conference – submit by Sep 1, 2022

IASC invites submissions for its virtual conference in November 2022.

Calls for Papers

Call for Papers: Institutional Adaptation and Transformation in Climate Change – submit by Mar 30

Frontiers in Environmental Science invites to submit papers for its special issue.

Calls for Papers

Call for Articles: The role of traditional, transforming and new commons in landscapes – abstract deadline March 31, 2022

Acta Geographica Slovenica invites submissions of articles for a special issue covering a wide range of commons topics.

Calls for Papers

Call for Chapters: Missing voices from the English language literature on society and natural resources – submit by Feb 28

Whose voices and knowledge are we missing from the English language literature on society and natural resources? The call for chapters is shared by IASC member Marianne Penker.

Calls for Papers

Call for Papers: Networks of Action Situations in Social-Ecological Systems Research, abstract deadline Aug 31, 2020

Several IASC Members call for contributions to the upcoming Special Feature in Sustainability Science. It will build on a series of panels organized at a number of conferences including the IASC 2019.

Calls for Papers

Call for Chapter Proposals: Book on Leadership of the Commons, extended deadline December 15, 2019

IASC member Randal J. Thompson and The International Leadership Association are inviting chapter proposals for a volume titled: Leadership of the Commons: How Collaboration is Transforming the Governance of Resources and Services Around the World.

Calls for Papers

Call for Papers: Special Issue on Seed Commons! Short paper deadline June 30, 2019

The RightSeeds Project in collaboration with the Agriculture and Human Values Journal invite contributions to a Symposium Issue on Seed Commons.

Calls for Papers

Call for Papers: Special Issue “The Ethics of the Commons”, Journal of the Business Ethics, submission deadline December 15, 2018

Call for Papers for publication in a Special Issue on The Ethics of the Commons announced by the Journal of Business Ethics.

Calls for Papers

Call for Papers: Special Issue ‘Does commons grabbing lead to resilience grabbing? The anti-politics machine of neo-liberal agrarian development and local responses’, new deadline December 31, 2018

IASC Europe Ambassador Tobias Haller invites submissions for the Special Issue in Journal “Land”.

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