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30th anniversary of Ostrom’s Governing the Commons, Special Issue on Central Asia, & more in new volume of IJC

The trends in the last 50 years of commons research, Special Issue on Central Asia, and much more in the new volume of the International Journal of the Commons


As of 2020, the International Journal of the Commons has switched to a continuous publication model, that is articles are published on a rolling basis, as soon as they are fully processed through typesetting and proofing. Volume 14 (2020) is now starting to fill up and the editors invite you to check out what is in it for you.


Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Ostrom’s Governing the Commons: Traditions and Trends in the Study of the Commons, Revisited

Particularly, we recommend to take a look at the editorial that deserves a special attention as it synthesizes the commons research across time, authors, disciplines, regions and many other very interesting perspectives:


In this editorial we assess 50 years’ worth of peer-reviewed publications to establish traditions and trends in the study of the commons. Based on this assessment, we provide a sketch of how IJC and its editors can continue to contribute to the development of the field.

van Laerhoven, F., Schoon, M., & Villamayor-Tomas, S. (2020). Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Ostrom’s Governing the Commons: Traditions and Trends in the Study of the Commons, Revisited. International Journal of the Commons, 14(1), 208–224. DOI:


Special Issue on transformation in common-pool resources management in Central Asia (Guest editors: K. Hagedorn et al.)

In addition, as the above editorial also points out, the new volume contains a special issue dedicated to one of the regions of interest – Central Asia, which has been so far less researched particularly from the commons perspective:

Yu, L., & Kasymov, U. (2020). Social Construction of Pastureland: Changing Rules and Resource-Use Rights in China and Kyrgyzstan. International Journal of the Commons14(1), 1–15. DOI:

Hamidov, A., Kasymov, U., Salokhiddinov, A., & Khamidov, M. (2020). How Can Intentionality and Path Dependence Explain Change in Water-Management Institutions in Uzbekistan? International Journal of the Commons14(1), 16–29. DOI:

Soliev, I., & Theesfeld, I. (2020). Benefit Sharing for Solving Transboundary Commons Dilemma in Central Asia. International Journal of the Commons14(1), 61–77. DOI:


New commons, property rights, evolution and dynamics of long-term institutions, actors analysis

Finally, many more articles of the new volume cover the commons research advances in the region Europe and CIS or originate from the authors who are IASC members in this region. Here you can find a study on urban community gardening in Anglophone and German-speaking countries, historical commons in eighteen European commons across seven centuries, curious case of property rights in the Swedish lappmarks, social learning in food quality governance in France and Italy,  conflict analysis from a mining sector in Kyrgyzstan, as well as new insights of applying IAD framework to a case study in Spain. Find more details here.


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