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IASC Europe would like to welcome you as a member! Through your membership, you will not only support research on commons issues worldwide, but you will also be able to connect with commons experts (practitioners and academics) from Europe and all over the world.

As a member of the IASC you will enjoy reduced fees for conferences, workshops and other events, as well as a reduced publication fee for the International Journal of the Commons and free announcement of IASC news, publications, and events via updates, newsletter, and social media.

IASC membership also provides the exclusive access to our members directory. Through this directory you can search commons scholars and practitioners by region, area of interest, commons methods, and more.

In addition, IASC offers members who are working towards a degree at Master or Ph.D. level or have finished their highest degree less than 10 years ago the opportunity to join the Early Career Network (ECN). The ECN is a self-organised collaborative effort to support research collaborations and help members weather challenges faced in this precarious career stage. 

The IASC offers an individual and institutional membership. Membership conditions are flexible. Members can select the duration of their membership and fees are wage-dependent.

If you are interested in joining IASC follow this link.

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