7th Commons Summer School, July 5-12, 2020 (in German), apply by March 13


Organized by the IASC’s institutional member Das Commons-Institut and led by its founder, long-term IASC member, Silke Helfrich, the summer school will create space for discussing commoning as an art for crafting the future while taking stock of diversity.


The 7th Commons Summer School 2020 will take place on July 5-12 in Schwarzburg/Thüringen, Germany.

The deadline for applications is March 13, 2020 (including the day, till midnight).

How can we manage, in view of the discrepancy between utopias and reality,  fall neither into paralyzing despair nor into blind actionism? Hundreds of commons initiatives point the way. From solidarity farming to P2P car sharing, from rental shops to open source software and hardware from the tenement syndicate to the initiatives that buy land and form various forms of ownership relationships. They thus offer important points of orientation. We use them to leave the view of the problematic behind and to help us find solutions to remain free, to deal fairly with each other, and to be more alive in how we stand at present. Commoning is the art for crafting our future and yet as old as mankind.

Is commoning, with regard to climate justice, the way of life and economy that can pass the “crash test for utopias”? This is the particular question the organizers of the summer school want to address this year, as it has so far remained painfully unanswered.

At Commons Summer School, the organizers will focus on various interactive and reflexive methods that will require, as organizers put it, “the use of head, heart, and practical work with hand.”

Please see the full program and more details about the summer school here (in German).





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