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IASC Europe & CIS Colloquium Series on Commons and Policy in 2022!

In spring 2022, IASC Europe & CIS hosted a colloquium series featuring presentations by international speakers.  

Thematically, the presentations within the series were dedicated to policy issues related to the commons and bringing on the one hand, the commons knowledge and on the other hand, policy and practice closer in Europe & CIS and beyond.

IASC Europe & CIS wants to support the communication among IASC members to facilitate content-based exchange and cross-disciplinary networking.

All colloquium meetings took place on Thursdays from 13:30 to 15:00 CET and presented virtually via Zoom.

This event was primarily for IASC members, but non-IASC members had the possibility to join the meetings as well. Non-IASC members were asked to write a brief email to Tobias Haller and Ilkhom Soliev indicating their interest. 

The table below provides detailed information on speakers and topics for each date.

The inputs to the colloquium series have been compiled in this document:

Haller, Tobias, Soliev, Ilkhom, Chagas Cavalcanti, Ana Rosa, Manzoni, Antonio, Diaz-Maroto, Ignacio J., Bogataj, Nevenka, Putri, Prathiwi, Micciarelli, Giuseppe, Balli, Fabio, Carpentier, Pascal, Pazaitis, Alex, & Kostakis, Vasilis. (2023). Commons and Policy: Compilation of Inputs and Reflections – IASC Europe and CIS Colloquium Series 2022 (1.0). IASC Europe & CIS Colloquium Series on Commons and Policy, Bern, Switzerland. Zenodo.




17 March

Ana Rosa Chagas Cavalcanti         University of São Paulo

Matteo Roggero  Humboldt University of Berlin

Commons and Polycentric Governance within and across cities

Reading material Cavalcanti (2022)

Reading material Eisenack and Roggero (2022)

Abstract / Bios

24 March

Nevenka Bogataj  Slovenian Institute for Adult Education

Ignacio J. Diaz-Maroto    University of Santiago de Compostela

Antonio Manzoni Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies

7 April

Giuseppe Micciarelli University of Salerno

Pablo F. Méndez Polytechnic University of Valencia

28 April

(new date)

Alex Pazaitis          Tallinn University of Technology

Is the digital economy market-driven or commons-based? Lessons for the EU digital transformation strategy

Reading material Pazaitis and Kostakis (2021)

Abstract / Bio

5 May

(new date)

Tobias Haller    University of Bern

Ilkhom Soliev    University of Halle

SDGs and the commons: From a central missing topic towards recognition via national implementations?

Reading material Larsen et al. (2022)

Reading material Spangenberg (2017)

Reading material WCED (1987)

Abstract / Bios


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