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IASC Europe coordinator sums up successful year and looks ahead to 2020!

Insa Theesfeld shares her thoughts on how successful 2019 was for IASC Europe and calls for inputs in 2020.


Summary: Montpellier Workshop on Operationalization of Land-Based Commons Approach in Development Projects

Organizers of the Montpellier Workshop on Operationalization of the Land-Based Commons Approach on November 19, 2019 summarize their key outcomes.


Climate Change as Social Dilemma: Radio Interview with Theesfeld (in German) and Survey during Climate Week

Druing the week of climate action IASC President-Elect reflects on climate change from the commons perspective at an interview with Radio Corax.


November 19, 2019: Workshop ‘Operationalization of the Land-Based Commons Approach’ in Montpellier (in French)

IASC member Etienne Delay and colleagues are organizing a workshop on land-based commons, particularly in the context of international development cooperation.


WCW2019: Global Keynote Webinar from Europe on October 6 and other news

Long-standing IASC member Sergio Villamayor Tomás from the Autonomous University of Barcelona will talk about the IAD family of tools.


IASC Workshop ‘Advancing the SES Framework’ brings 20 scholars together in Berlin

On September 30, 2019, IASC Europe and IRI THESys of HU Berlin hosted a workshop on Elinor Ostrom’s Social-Ecological Systems (SES) Framework.


September 6-7, 2019: Workshop for PhDs and PostDocs “Die Frage nach dem Eigentum” in Oldenburg (with post-workshop summary)

An interdisciplinary workshop was held in Oldenburg to discuss some key questions related to property.


September 30, 2019: IASC Workshop “Advancing the SES-Framework – from Theory-Building to Hands-On Feedback” in Berlin (application period closed)

The Berlin workshop will be hosted by IRI THESys (Humboldt University Berlin), and co-organized by Beril Ocakli, Insa Theesfeld and Achim Schlüter.


Theesfeld moderates a Book Presentation on Commons by Silke Helfrich (Video)

On May 15, 2019 Insa Theesfeld moderated a presentation of a book entitled “Free, fair and vital | The Power of the Commons” by Silke Helfrich (book in German, available Open Access).


Kick-off Workshop held on commons and collective action in socio-ecological production landscapes/cultural landscapes, comparing experiences in Slovenia and Japan

IASC-Member Mateja Šmid reports on successful kick-off workshop of bilateral Slovenian-Japanese Commons project held in Ljubljana.

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