IASC 2020 Web Conference on African Commons held on July 13-27


From July 13 to 27, 2020 the IASC Web Conference on African Commons took place that brought researchers, practitioners and policymakers together. During the web conference the future of the African continent as well as current and future improvements in governing and managing shared resources were discussed.  

How can rural livelihoods be sustained in light of climate change, food insecurity and growing conservation areas? 

More than 100 researchers from 16 different countries dealt with this question and presented their research conducted in multiple countries across the African continent. The diverse contributions covered in particular land tenure, water, conservation, pastoralizm and sustainable development. Some of the specific topics included but were not limited to:

  • conflicts in governance of the commons and the possibilities of benefit-sharing;
  • drivers, reactions and results of formalization of land rights in reaction to land grabbing and redistribution;
  • role of gender and the increase of inequalities; and 
  • community-based approaches in conservation and agriculture.

The conference was held in English and French and included pre-recorded video presentations, as well as live streaming events throughout the entire conference. 

Video presentations are available on the YouTube channel of “IASC Commons” and on the event page.

Please consider supporting African researchers’ and scholars’ through donations to the Esther Mwangi Memorial Scholarship Fund. 


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