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Call for Chapter Proposals: Book on Leadership of the Commons, extended deadline December 15, 2019

The International Leadership Association is supporting the publication of a volume titled: Leadership of the Commons: How Collaboration is Transforming the Governance of Resources and Services Around the World to be published in 2021 by Emerald Group Publishing.

Book Summary

The theme of this proposed volume focuses on how leadership is practiced on the commons, an important phenomenon that has spawned a worldwide commons movement. The process of creating commons, namely commoning, is a process of managing shared resources or services that does not depend on the state or the private sector/market but rather depends on individuals coming together as a collaborative community. The commons that result from commoning can include collaborative management of natural or human-made resources for which everyone has the right of access, or for which access is regulated by the community, knowledge, the Internet, services, time banks, cooperatives, or a variety of other endeavors that can be managed by a community. One reason that the commons movement is growing so fast is that the State and the private sector have failed to manage these aspects of our lives in an equitable way and their management has contributed to the degradation of the environment as well as to increased inequality. 

The book will advance leadership knowledge and practice by obtaining information from practicing commons scholars and practitioners on how leadership is practiced on the commons and possibly allow the construction of a model of leadership on the commons. 

We are requesting that commons scholars and practitioners submit proposals and subsequently chapters describing leadership in commons in agriculture, natural resources, urban spaces, knowledge, genetics, and other areas where commons are flourishing. Authors should focus on describing and analyzing leadership as it was/is practiced in a particular case or how leadership is practiced in general in particular types of commons or how leadership differs from and interacts with governance.


Devin P. Singh, PhD, Associated Professor at Dartmouth College;

Kathleen Curran, PhD, Principal, Intercultural Systems; and

Randal J. Thompson, PhD, Institute for Social Innovation Fellow, Fielding Graduate University.

Extended deadline for submission

December 15, 2019

Further details and the submission guidelines are available here.


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