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A new special issue on property rights theory and more articles in the current volume of IJC

Since the International Journal of the Commons switched to a continuous publication model, readers can find new articles in the journal every month or even more frequently. The current Volume is filling up with publications focusing on water, agriculture, forest and urban commons particularly in North and South America, as well as Asia. Articles dealing with commons research in the European region include an interesting case study on intellectual property rights in the European Union with a comparative analysis of agricultural collectives in the Netherlands navigating their identity in interactions and managing potential trade-offs. In addition, several recent articles discuss new commons such as space, seeds and digital commons.

Further, a new special issue that focuses on the broader challenges and opportunities of the property rights theory might be of particular interest for all readers interested in the commons research and practice:

Special issue on overlapping resources and mismatched property rights

Guest editors: K. Bradshaw, D. Lueck, B. Christmas

The special issue presents intellectual history, theoretical development, normative questioning, and institutional analysis on one of the most pressing topics of our time: Governing resources considering increasing demands and human population growth. The interdisciplinary group of international scholars discusses potential trade-offs between property regimes, promotes a broader understanding of the social-political-ecological context of landscapes and property rights and highlights climate change as major influence on resource boundaries.

Rose, C. (2020). Thinking about the Commons. International Journal of the Commons, 14(1), 557-566. DOI:

Cowen, C. & Delmotte, C. (2020). Ostrom, Floods, and Mismatched Property Rights. International Journal of the Commons, 14(1), 583-596. DOI:

Craig, R. K. & Rhul, J. B. (2020). Adaptive Management for Ecosystem Services at the Wildland – Urban Interface. International Journal of the Commons, 14(1), 611-626. DOI:

Ehrman, M. (2020). Application of Natural Resources Property Theory to Hidden Resources. International Journal of the Commons, 14(1), 627-637. DOI:

Facemire, C. & Bradshaw, K. (2020). Biodiversity Loss, Viewed through the Lens of Mis-matched Property Rights. International Journal of the Commons, 14(1), 650-661. DOI:

Righetti, T. (2020). Liberating Split-Estates. International Journal of the Commons, 14(1), 638-649. DOI:

Epstein, R. (2020). Property rights: Long and skinny. International Journal of the Commons, 14(1), 567-582. DOI:

Bradshaw, K. & Leonard, B. (2020). Virtual Parcelling. International Journal of the Commons, 14(1), 597-610. DOI:

For more information on the special issue and recently published articles visit the journal website here.


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