IASC Workshop ‘Advancing the SES Framework’ brings 20 scholars together in Berlin


On September 30, 2019, IASC Europe and IRI THESys of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin hosted 20 scholars at the workshop dedicated to the discussion and advancing of Elinor Ostrom’s Social-Ecological-Systems (SES) Framework. The workshop was given by the coordinator of the IASC’s European chapter Insa Theesfeld, a long-standing IASC member Achim Schlüter and IASC’s early career scholar representative Beril Ocaklı.


The workshop started off with an introduction to the SES framework, its theoretical background and two current research challenges –  (1) how to link two or more resources in one framework, and (2) how to use the framework itself as a deliberative tool. The disciplinary diversity of the group conduced to challenging and thought-provoking discussions about the framework and its applicability to a wide array of empirical settings ranging from plant breeding to environmental peace-building. Reflecting on the contemporary challenges of our human-environment systems, the role of technology therein and its implications for the advancement of the framework were discussed prominently. Such opportunities as this workshop that bring in distinct research perspectives will continue to serve as basis for advancing the SES Framework.


If you are interested in hosting local or regional events, we look forward to hearing from you (contact Team IASC Europe).


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