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November 19, 2019: Workshop ‘Operationalization of the Land-Based Commons Approach’ in Montpellier (in French)

IASC member Etienne Delay and colleagues are organizing a workshop in Montpellier, France to discuss the operationalization of the land-based commons approach, particularly from the international development cooperation perspective. Registration is open on a rolling basis and until filled. Places are limited. Note that the language of the workshop is French! 


Since 2016, the Technical Committee on Land and Development (CTFD), with the support of the CIRAD’s UPR GREEN, has been examining the contribution of the “land-based commons approach”. The first phase (2016-2018) consisted of defining the action situations involving the commons of the Earth and its resources, as well as the challenges and opportunities of supporting these dynamics through French cooperation. The second phase (2018-2020) made it possible to specify the modalities for operationalizing the approach in the French Development Agency’s (AFD) project cycle.

The commons around the land and land-based resources can be associated with constellations of relationships that are established and maintained between (a) a group of users, (b) one or more located resources, and (c) a process of updating the rules of use of the resource in question.

However, the operationalization of the approach by the commons is not neutral. Its implementation is based on a scientific approach that justifies a form of political action aimed at concretely addressing an ecological emergency and increase in social inequalities.

In this seminar, we seek to clarify the conceptual basis for the reflection on the operationalization of the land-based commons approach and its resources for development actors. This will be an opportunity to review different methods and tools that have been developed to open up, within the projects, an institutional space for the recognition and maintenance, emergence, and strengthening of the communities.

Organizers: Sigrid Aubert, Christophe Le Page, Françoise Gérard, Nicolas Gadet, Patrick D’Aquino, Etienne Delay.

Read more about the workshop and information on how to register here.


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