IASC introduces the “In Common” podcast now available online


Just recently the IASC and International Journal of the Commons partnered with the “In Common” podcast to provide a sustainable platform and expand opportunities for new types of content.

The “In Common” Podcast explores the connections between humans, their environment and each other through stories told by scholars and practitioners. Different podcast series explore interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary work on commons governance, social-ecological resilience, and sustainability. The following formats are available:

  • Full episodes: Long-form interviews with academics and practitioners about career paths, future perspectives, and everything in between;
  • Insight episodes: Excerpts from full-length episodes allowing focus on more interesting parts of conversations;
  • PECS webinars: Methods webinars hosted by Mike Schoon describing different methods to analyze human-environmental interactions.

In addition, the platform offers a blog, run by Graham Epstein, exploring similar content as the podcast. The posts are not interview-based and so far, have  featured discussions on COVID-19, the future of social science and reviews.

“In Common” as new title is related to the sharing of resources and reflects on the one hand to the idea of holding resources “in common” and on the other hand it is meant to emphasize the need to see what we have “in common”. With this in mind the podcast provides a shared space for open-access conservations that can help build community and break down barriers across disciplines and perspectives.

The original podcast “Finding Sustainability” was founded in 2019 after a conversation between Stefan Partelow and Michael Cox via Twitter about the need to create and alternative space for discussion about environmental social science.

In order to listen to the episodes you can subscribe and follow the podcast via Apple, Google, Stitcher, and Spotify or visit the “In Commons” website.


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