Climate Change as Social Dilemma: Radio Interview with Theesfeld (in German) and Survey during Climate Week


IASC President-Elect Insa Theesfeld and her team at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU Halle) took active part in the climate action week on November 25-29, during which many local events were organized across the globe. 

After the discussions at the Public Climate School organized at MLU Halle, Insa Theesfeld also gave an interview to Radio Corax. During the interview, she has shared her reflections on how Climate Change can be seen as a social dilemma and what challenges and opportunities taking such a commons appoach presents in search for better and more sustainable solutions. 

Here is the link to the full interview (in German):

Her team together with students at the MLU Halle also conducted a survey of current and potential policy-institutional options during the climate week. The study, led by Dr. Ilkhom Soliev, focuses on governance interventions for change to sustainability using the advances from social-behavioral research. We look forward to some interesting results and once available will share them here.


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